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Little by Little…

on January 25, 2012

Reorganizing is taking longer than I expected.  I’m eager to have my things placed in logical, efficient order that is consistent and to have the boxes out of the “staging area” in our family room.  I’m also eager to have Baby’s room cleaned out so we can start putting his or her things there.

It’s easy to forget that I haven’t ever done this before.

When I moved to college, organizing was relatively easy.  I didn’t have very much stuff.  🙂  I also didn’t have very much space.  After college, having a one-bedroom apartment to myself and then moving to a 2-bedroom loft allowed me the luxury of accumulating more things that I liked, and there was enough room to handle them then.

But, then I went back to graduate school and shared an apartment with a new friend.  Yes, I went through things as I packed.  I gave away some of my treasures and packed others into storage (Mom and Dad’s basement), but when moving day came, I moved many things I hadn’t yet gone through down to Arizona.

A year went by.  I married.  We created a new household together.  We received many nice gifts!  And, the house we rented accommodated all of these things very nicely.

A year and a half went by.  We moved half-way across the country to a small rental house.  There was not time to go through much of anything before that move since we’d been swamped with finals, had traveled to see a very ill family member, celebrated Christmas out of town, and then moved ourselves on a rather tight time schedule.  The unfinished basement was filled with boxes.  And, those things I had left with my family (mostly a lot of books) came back to us.

Six months went by.  A tornado struck our town.  Houses adjacent to us were totalled.  The main path was about 1 1/2 blocks away from ours, but we were able to continue living in our house while the relatively minor (Praise the Lord!) repairs were made.

Another five months passed, and we found an opportunity to move again, which significantly cut down my commute.  Again, we moved around the holidays and finals, limiting my time to really evaluate what was necessary to keep.  One room became a “storage room” as my husband called it.   Our house again  could accommodate my “clutter.”

But now we’re sharing our home with a toddler and soon a new baby.  There isn’t room to be so inefficient.  And, for me, going through things takes time.  A lot of time.   Since our toddler is very curious and interested in everything.  This work goes best when she is asleep.  How many nap times will it take, I wonder?

With Baby due in about eight weeks, I wonder how much I’ll get finished and how much will be pushed aside again…  such as the 10 years of paper memories to scrapbook I’m behind on, the photos that need to be printed and put into albums, and whatever else may have been tossed into a closet to deal with “later.”

Little by little, I am making progress.  Sometimes, it’s not very noticeable. Sometimes, like my work on Monday in our bedroom, it is.  🙂

Here’s hoping the rest of the week will bring some progress that will make operations more efficient and our home more comfortable!


One response to “Little by Little…

  1. Liz D says:

    Nat is equally as “helpful” organizing, packing, etc. haha. Enjoy! 🙂 I may be joining your ranks in a few months (my position is moving and we’ve opted not to move). Miss you!

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