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The Chicken Chronicles – The Beginning

on February 17, 2012

I’ve visited with a couple of friends lately that were surprised when I mentioned our fresh eggs.  Yes, we live in town.  Yes, we have chickens in the backyard.  And, yes, our hens are legal here.

In addition to the eggs, though, our chickens have provided some good entertainment and fun stories (some tragic, though – be warned).  I’m not the best story-teller, but I’ll try to share our humorous moments as well as some lessons learned in case some of you may be considering getting chickens some day.

The story begins about two years ago…


March 2010.

I was pregnant with our first child, so I wasn’t overly excited when Chad started discussing the idea of getting some baby chicks.

With our first child expected in a couple of months, I was NOT going to take on more animals...

We agreed that he would care for them and be fully responsible for them.  We went to Orscheln together and picked out Rhode Island Red chicks, cute, brown, little birds that captured our hearts.  Not knowing the difference between “straight run” and “pullets,” we chose the cheaper option of straight run.  (I had this lingering feeling that we should at least ask, but we didn’t.)  We came home with seven chicks.

Our new babies, two years ago.

Chad doesn’t disappoint.  He took wonderful care of the little chicks and started to work to build them a home for when they grew too large for the box.  This was our chicken “starter home.”  He used primarily materials we had on hand.

The chicken's first "house"

They seemed happy there and continued to grow well.

It wasn’t until later that we started noticing some differences between the chickens…

Stay tuned!


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11 responses to “The Chicken Chronicles – The Beginning

  1. Liz D says:

    you can’t just stop there!!! I was so into your story! 🙂

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