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The Chicken Chronicles – The New Kids on the Block

on February 18, 2012

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Again, as novice chicken raisers, we didn’t realize how long it would be until the chicks would grow mature enough to produce eggs.  We were a little impatient, and when Chad found an opportunity to buy some mature Leghorns at the local university for $6 each, he brought two home to join our brood.

Two Leghorns joined our brood.

Immediately, they let the young ones know they were in charge!  One was by far the most assertive, and she had such a bold personality!  We had been thinking of baby names over the past weeks, and, in an attempt to make sure my suggestion of Wilhelmina was not chosen for our daughter, Chad moved that we should give that name to this chicken.  I agreed, knowing his objections, but my nickname for the chicken was Willa, when it would have been Mina for a little girl.  🙂  He named the other white one Stacy.  (I don’t remember any particular reason for that name.)

These girls were both laying daily now, and we enjoyed our own supply of fresh eggs!

Now our brood was up to nine, but that wouldn’t last…


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