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The Chicken Chronicles – Thelma and Louise’s Last Adventure

on February 22, 2012

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September 12, 2010.

We had waited months for our chicks to begin laying, and now one of the two Rhode Island Reds was providing us with an egg daily!  We were excited to have our own small production going on and enjoyed seeing the hens’ different personalities and behaviors.

We were returning from some place that evening (probably eating out), pulling into our driveway, when our neighbor ran out to us holding something white in her arms.  She was clearly upset, crying as she tried to explain that the chickens were dead, but this one was still alive – for now.

I must have needed to get our infant daughter inside because I don’t remember most of what happened except from the stories I heard later.

Our Rhode Island Red girls, Thelma and Louise, had never seemed to be the brightest chickens in the yard.  Chad had clipped their wings when they were chicks to keep them safely inside the fence, but they had grown now, and we didn’t realize how high they could jump or fly.  I guess that day, they decided they needed something different, that the grass was greener on the other side of the fence.  Stacy, one of the Leghorns, was always more of a follower than independent Wilhelmina, so she must have gone along with the plan.

My husband wrote the following on his Facebook status:  “Three Chickens went on a mission today and crossed enemy lines into (neighbor) territory. Their mission was a complete failure, bodies were recovered but funeral services will not be held. And then there was one…”

Our neighbor (who dearly loves animals) told us she had heard their dogs barking outside and had seen something brown being tossed in the air as a toy.  She thought perhaps it was a brown sack of sorts.  Feathers were everywhere.  She disposed of the lifeless bodies of our brown chickens, and rescued Stacy, though she wasn’t looking too well.

Chad tried to console our teenage neighbor girl.  We knew the potential danger for the chickens if they went over the fence and did not hold any ill feelings toward them for what had happened.  It just happened.  We deliberated as to if we should put an end to Stacy’s pain, but decided to give her the night to see if she might recover.  Chad gently placed her in the chicken house with water within reach.

Amazingly, Stacy did recover.  She always walked with a limp after that and seemed a little more timid.  Wilhelmina seemed unchanged by the event, as if she knew it was a stupid idea to jump that fence to play with the dogs.
So, our brown chickens turned out to be aptly named, and their first big adventure outside the fence turned out to be their last.

And now we were down to two chickens…


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  3. Laurel says:

    I love the Chicken Chronicles!

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