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The Chicken Chronicles – A New Home and a New Beginning

on March 8, 2012

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My amazing husband is quite a handy fellow.  He can envision a project and make it come to life before I would even be able to decide what was needed.  I am continuously amazed by his abilities.

Regarding the chickens, I’ll show you some of his work.  Recall that I wasn’t too excited about the whole chicken idea at first, knowing I’d have my hands full with a new baby in a few months.  Chad took on the task of not only caring for the chickens, but also providing a great coop for them.  The coop we started with looked like this.

The chicken's first "house"

Since the existing fences made up two of the walls, Chad put this together very quickly.  As time passed, he added a “chicken run” so the girls could venture out at will to a small area of the yard without waiting for us to open the door.

As time went by, we realized a few limitations of this design.  One was a safety issue as we heard the chickens’ panic-stricken clucking one night indicated an intruder.  No one was hurt, but we realized the lack of a roof over the chicken run left the potential for predators to descend the tree and help themselves to our poultry.  The other was the height of the coop, which required us to bend over to enter.  That wasn’t a big problem, but one that was considered in the redesign.

I still can’t believe the amazing chicken house we have in our yard now!  Take a look at what Chad constructed!

The chicken house with enclosed chicken run

Side View of the Chicken House

Chad even provided landscaping as there are iris planted on this side of the house and native limestone rocks for decoration.  The rustic exterior even has a way of promoting poultry.

The roof is green tin, and the interior is very nice as well, including boxes for the chickens to lay, storage for food, and perches for the ladies to enjoy.

Real windows let in natural light, and Chad plans to put these on hinges before summer to aid in ventilation.  There are two doors, one that leads to the chicken run, and one that opens to our garden.  Chad has an eye for detail.  The chickens even have their own porch light!  (While there is electricity and a water line going to the chicken house, I don’t think the exterior light is wired for use yet, but it does add a special touch.)  Chad put cardboard around the door to help in insulating the inside during the winter months.  During warmer seasons, the chicken wire is uncovered to aid in ventilation.

So, this is where our little ladies spend their time when they’re not enjoying roaming the yard…

Except for these new additions!

The New Chicks

On Sunday, we picked out five new baby chicks so our toddler can watch them grow and so we can increase our egg production at home.  Chad picked out two Rhode Island Reds, I chose the black chick, and the other two are breeds that we are not altogether sure of.  They are pullets, though.  🙂  We bought another chick that we hadn’t planned on as well.  A straight run Cornish hen (we’ll see…) was bleeding and being continuously pecked by the other chicks in with it.  We thought he/she would have a better chance at survival with us than by remaining at the store, so we brought him/her home as well.  That chick is doing very well now!

Over time, we’ll see what these chickens’ personalities are, give them names, see how they all interact with each other, enjoy their eggs, and share their stories.  We really enjoy our little “micro farm” in town!


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