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My Newest Accessory (Baby Wearing)

“Wearing” my baby has made it possible for the three of us to navigate stores, go on walks, and enjoy other activities with a single stroller or cart.

I’ve never been much for accessorizing.  I feel a sense of respect and awe for the women I see that seem so put together with matching jewelry, handbags, shoes, etc.  I don’t have the eye to put beautiful outfits together or the patience to shop  toward that end.

But, I have a new accessory that goes with anything.  Her name is Melody.

After about three weeks of being at home after our youngest’s birth, I started to feel a little trapped.  Without a double stroller that I was too frugal to buy, I wasn’t quite sure how to take an outing with my two little ones.  I had one idea, though, that was worth trying.  I dug out my Moby Wrap.

And, we set out to the grocery store, Baby Melody wrapped onto my chest, and Clara riding in the cart as usual.  Now I was able to talk to both of my sweet girls while I shopped!  The next day, we walked to the nearby park, Clara in the stroller and Melody on my chest.

We’ve had a few more outings that I’ve “worn” Melody as we walked, but I also found that baby wearing is nice on the days we just stay at home, too.  Some days, she’s not been too happy except when I’m holding her, and the comfort of the wrap keeps her happy while also keeping my hands free to do other tasks (such as typing).  Yesterday, I let her face out while I kicked a soccer ball back and forth with my two-year old.   We’re having a grand time all together!

So, if you see me in the store, I don’t think you’ll notice my old t-shirt or that I forgot to wear earrings (again).  You may not remember that my toenails are not painted or that unruly silver hairs are sticking up in different directions.  One sweet smile from either of my sweet girls, and I think you’ll agree I’m well-dressed.

P.S.  I tried “wearing” Clara when she was an infant, but she never seemed very happy in the wrap.  Between the learning curve with using the wrap, her colic, and my lack of confidence as a new mom, we didn’t use it much.  I am adding this just to let you know not every baby will like this arrangement, and that’s okay.  You’ll come up with a different way to make everything work!  

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