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Moving Out

Last night, my dear husband helped me move many boxes of books out of my school office.  As we walked into my building, he started singing Billy Joel’s “I’m moving out!”  🙂

I thought it would be more difficult to decide which books to keep and which ones to donate.  It wasn’t so bad.  I still cling to the books I have spent hours studying over the last 16 years, but the others, the ones I’ve acquired over the last four years at no cost, have been easier to let go.  Someone else can use them more than I can right now.  And, if I donate them to the library, I can still have access to them without having to store them myself!  🙂  (I wonder if I should take all my textbooks there then?)

Today, I plan to try to tackle my paper files with a strong resolve and sense of reality.   I think I’m going to need a very large trash/recycle bin…  I hope our newest custodian isn’t too upset with me!

We made a good start last night with taking out the books, my certificates and diplomas, my purple lights, and several other miscellaneous things.  The walls are nearly bare.  The shelves are nearly bare.  I feel good seeing the progress, but also somewhat reluctant to give up my spot on campus, my 24/7 access.  I will turn in my keys on Friday.  (Sigh)

But, as I turn in those keys, I’m also giving up the responsibility of students having access to me 24/7 (well, at least by e-mail) and will be free to give my attention to a very special little toddler, my loving husband, and our unborn child.

That sounds infinitely more powerful and rewarding to me than having a campus office does.


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