Happy Homemaker, Ph.D.

A novice homemaker's attempts to use her engineering Ph.D. to serve her family

The Dinner Parties are Back!

I have happy memories of hosting dinner parties during my single days in Nebraska.  These dinners gave me a chance to really cook (Cooking a big meal for just myself is not so fun.  I ate a lot of frozen pizza.  YUM!) and the times of fellowship were rich!

I can think of a dinner party here and there that we’ve hosted since I left Nebraska, but not the spontaneous kind.  How can I have a spontaneous dinner party, you may ask?  I plan the food and then start inviting people, somewhat “randomly” (Spirit-led) until I have enough people accept to fill the available chairs.  If someone already has plans, that’s fine.  I keep asking.  🙂

I remember one dear young woman in Lincoln, a freshman at UNL at the time, who stayed after church to help pick up bulletins.  We’d never met before that.  I invited her to join us at my apartment for lunch.  She got to know some of the older gals I’d invited that day.  She later said that invitation made an impression on her, and she quickly got connected at the Chapel.   (Yea, God!)

Well, I think those days may finally be back!  Last night, we were blessed to have one of my friends from my old job come to dinner with her husband.  I cooked Salisbury steaks, mashed potatoes, carrots, crescent rolls, and a Jell-O salad.  YUM!  (Maybe even better than pizza?)   I baked a homemade pumpkin pie earlier in the day for our dessert.  Nothing was rushed or stressful, and we had a really nice time visiting with our friends.  (Praise the Lord!  This was the first pie crust rolling experience that I didn’t want to scream and throw the dough out the window!  Maybe I’m getting the hang of pie-baking?  But, the evening wasn’t about the pie.  That was just my afternoon victory.)

I’ve had good intentions about having friends and acquaintances over for dinner since we came to this city three years ago, but I haven’t made it happen often enough.  I had been tired after working and too stressed to even think about planning something even as simple as a Sunday lunch menu.

Here’s hoping that the dinner parties really are back and that the Lord will use our home to bless others!  The fellowship is certainly a blessing to me!