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One Step at a Time – Looking for Hope for My Homemaking

I told my husband on our drive to California that I thought I knew what my New Year’s Resolution should be – doing the dishes every night before going to bed.

I wasn’t excited about it, let alone resolved, and since we were traveling for a couple of weeks, I had a good excuse to not start right away. ¬†ūüôā

I’ve been thinking for some time about one thing I can and should add to my daily routine, though, and dish washing was likely going to have the biggest impact. ¬†Last spring when school got out, I started making sure to make our bed daily and to get back to my Bible reading/study in the mornings before Clara awoke. ¬†Now, those two things are mostly built into my day, and I’m bothered if they’re not completed.

Conquering the dishes was the next step.

But, we returned, and I haven’t been very disciplined about this. ¬†(Granted, I’ve been doing MUCH better than in the past!)

Last week, I was intrigued by Sidetracked Sarah’s post on The Messy House. ¬†She mentioned an e-book by Dana White (a.k.a. Nony the Slob) who blogs at A Slob Comes Clean. ¬†The book’s title? ¬†Twenty-Eight Days to Hope for Your Home.

Hope for my home is what I need – and hope for myself. ¬†Hope that I’m not destined to be a slob forever. ¬†Hope that I can make a home that’s comfortable for my family and guests, regardless of my tendencies to avoid dealing with the messes, especially since this is my full-time job now.

I may not be resolved to tackle this for a whole year, but I can commit to making a conscious effort for 28 days. ¬† I purchased the e-book and started reading. ¬†And, I got really excited! ¬†Nony’s encouraging voice speaks to me right where I am, assigns a small,¬†manageable, daily task, and celebrates success with me! ¬†I’ve made it through Day 2 and am feeling the hope already!

(I’ve had good friends tell me about Fly Lady, and her suggestions are what got me to make our bed in the mornings, but I’m just not excited by the whole sink shining thing, and then I feel a bit demoralized since I’m obviously not normal. ¬†From what I’ve read so far in Nony’s book, she’s someone I can relate to more.)

I smile at the “coincidences” and the timing. ¬†I am really trying to make some big changes in our home in the next month (as Baby could potentially come shortly after that), so twenty-eight days is a perfect time frame to give this a whole-hearted attempt without the intimidation of a year of commitment. ¬†The author’s name is also Dana! ¬†(I just think that’s cool.) ¬†ūüôā ¬†And, without giving too much away, she does address my dish problem! ¬†PERFECT!

If you’re interested in buying Nony’s e-book (now on sale for $4.00 instead of the regular price of $8.00!), click here. ¬†Won’t you join me in making some incredible changes over the next four weeks?