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Jesus Loves Me

There is something amazing and so heartwarming as each night my toddler asks us to sing “Jesus Loves Me” to her before bed.   Lately, while my two-month-old daughter slumbers easily through the night, my two-year-old girl has been waking.  She doesn’t ask for water or a book or for me to hold her (most of the time).  She asks for me to sing to her.  “Jesus Loves Me,” she requests.  “More Jesus Loves Me,” she petitions if one verse and the chorus is not enough.

There is something even more heartwarming when she sings it.  During the Easter service at our church, I felt that every time the pastor said “Jesus,” she began her song again.  Sometimes she leans her head back a bit as she sings with her eyes tightly closed, making us think a little of Ray Charles.  Often, the “for the Bible tells me so” is accelerated and punctuated at the end with an accented, staccato “SO.”

When Clara first started singing this song, I shuddered to think of how I could have missed it had I been working.  I would have still been able to sing to her at night – if my mind wasn’t preoccupied with the stack of papers to grade or the next day’s teaching lesson.  (I was an instructor at a university until I resigned last December.)  I may have gotten to hear her sing if she shared her song in the evening or on the weekends.  IF

I praise the Lord that I have the chance to be home with my precious little girls right now, to teach them, to watch them, to learn about them, to train them, to encourage them, to serve them, to laugh with them, to read to them.

And, while Clara also sings “Happy An No” (If You’re Happy and You Know It), The Alphabet Song (kind of), “Twinkle Star,” and others, one of the greatest benefits of my new job at home is knowing that three little words bring her comfort and are a truth that seems to be staying in her curious, ever-learning mind.  Jesus loves me.

He loves you, too.

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